Oil Expellers

We are specialized in the manufacturing & exporting of OIL EXPELLERS. Our company is a professional manufacturer of oil expellers for getting pure, fresh and natural cooking oil.
Oil expellers or mechanical screw presses are commonly used for extraction of oil either for full-press or pre-press. Our oil expellers are designed and developed using advanced technologies that are used for extracting oil from different oil seeds like groundnut (peanut), sunflower, soyabean, palm kernel, mustard, copra, sesame seed, rapeseed, linseed, cotton seed etc.
TINYTECH Oil Expellers have varied crushing capacities from 3 ton per day to 100 ton per day. Our machines are durable, heavy duty and non-corrosive as well. All the oil expeller machines are best designed to suit the needs of industrial applications.
Moreover, the entire range of oil expelling machines are manufactured as per the latest technology, by using premium quality raw materials. This ensures flawless performance with higher production without any breakdown.

Tinytech 10-Ton Capacity oil expeller is designed to provide solutions for industrial production of oil. It has steel fabricated bas and body. The 10-ton oil expeller machine has double reduction gear box with helical gears of cast steel. The salient feature of the screw press is that it has case hardened worm assembly with hard faced discharge ring along with facility of adjusting the cake thickness.

Salient features of our TINYTECH OIL EXPELLERS :
  • Maximum oil extraction from almost all different oil seeds.
  • Low investment and easy to install.
  • Efficient with low operating cost and higher productivity.
  • Fabricated using premium quality raw materials.
  • Low maintenance with reduced noise levels and less power consumption.
  • Complete full pressing in expellers with better oil recovery.
  • Steam kettle mounted on the expeller for pre-heating of seeds.
  • Heavy duty Gear Box & Taper roller bearings.
  • High grade face hardened carbon steel used in Worm Assembly for longer life.
  • Best quality Electric Motors provided for least failure cases.
We offer variety of Mechanical Screw Press Expellers as per the plant capacity and requirements. There are mainly two types of oil expeller series:
  • Round Kettle Oil Expellers
  • Long Kettle Oil Expellers
 Some advantages of Tinytech Oil Expeller Machine :
1) The chamber cage of oil expeller opens on hinges simply by tilting of chamber halves. Drudgery weights of clamping bars and chamber halves is totlly eliminated.
2) The unique facility in Tinytech oil expeller is that the thickness of cake can be changed while running of expeller. One keep the desired thickness of cake by adjusting the cone.
3) Oil Pump is now an integral part of the oil expeller and therefore no seprate pump is required.
4) Due to ready foundation frame, one can shift the oil expeller machine from place to another whenever required.
5) Ball bearings are totally eliminated. The taper roller bearings thus make the expeller more durable and sturdy.

6) Our Expeller is a very compact machine. So it is economical to import the machine by air to land-locked countries.

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